Get To Know Us

Get to Know Us

Coredent is based on a collection of core values, focused on surgical success for dental professionals. Using the most advanced thought and design process, backed by over 20 years of surgical and design/engineering experience, together we will make a difference for you and your patient.

Coredent Is Focused On Surgical Success

Digital workflows can take many paths and involve a number of different team members. From pre-surgical workups to the definitive restoration, the time and effort devoted to these pathways can be extensive and often exhausting.

It is important to realize this effort because the consequences of getting off track with any step in the workflow lead to costly new beginnings and loss of case momentum. This is where we assist, the most critical point of treatment “surgery.” Our focus is to increase predictability for surgical success and provide a superior experience for you and your patient, ultimately growing your business.

Our PreciseTM Process

Unique Patients, Unique Strategies

Coredent understands each patient is unique, and no surgery is the same. Our surgical experience allows us to design and produce a product that increases the predictability for the clinician to replicate the digital plan successfully. This is accomplished by using open architecture Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software allowing us complete freedom to reverse engineer (design) from digitized patient records with single-digit micron resolution (not blurry or scattered CT data) resulting in a remarkable fit regardless of any obstacle, such as orthodontics, immediate extractions, or staged surgeries.

You can have a great plan, but if it is not designed for the specific patient and procedure in mind, you risk the possibility of major setbacks leading to a loss of patient confidence.

Full Service Planning
Patient Resources

Planet Conscious

We strive to keep our planet beautiful for future generations. We make choices to save water, conserve resources, and generate less waste.

Keeping up with the latest 3D printing technology has allowed us to reduce our waste by 90% as well as eliminating toxic fumes released into the environment during less advanced production.