Full Service Planning

Full Service Planning

By choosing Full Service surgical guide production, you are getting the works. Once we receive the necessary case materials, we create a full digital plan presentation. The next step is to schedule a meeting with your team for treatment planning. After the surgical plan and procedure is finalized, we design a product specifically for your patient with the preferred implant system. If you are ready to begin with Full Service planning, please contact us.

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Step One: Getting Your Case Materials

The first step to ensuring a Precise™ outcome is getting the necessary items from you. For Full Service surgical guide production, we will need the following materials:

  • CBCT scan of your patient
  • An oral record (impression, model, or itraoral scan)

Step Two: Preparing Your Digital Plan

Once we’ve received your case materials, our team of experienced guided surgery experts begin to create a fully digital plan presentation for your approval. Using the latest engineering and software, we compile the results of the CBCT scan and the oral record to create a completely digital representation of your patient for implant planning.

Step Three: Treatment Collaboration

Using video teleconference collaboration tools, we review each case, adjust implant positions, and finalize each patient's unique surgical treatment plan.

Step Four: Guide Production

After finalizing each plan, production begins using one of our daily calibrated 3D printers. Each guide has to pass a 15 step quality control checklist before being packaged and shipped directly to you.